Soul – Healing

It’s difficult to take life lightly when there is pain, whether physical or emotional. Yet, we are supposed to be taking life lightly and it was from once not taking life lightly that we got stuck and created the pain. If Spirit is light and Light and we refuse our own spirits then we are refusing the lightness and the Light.

The lasting way to release the pain is to accept our own Spirits. In those moments that we looked to the problem, to the darkness in front of us, we stated to the universe that it is the darkness to which we are looking for solutions. But, it is the darkness, which is simply the refusal of light and Light, that squeezes us until we have no solutions left. It is at this moment of no solutions that so many people then turn to Spirit.

Whether we realize it or not, our lives are designed to heal our souls. The pain is their to heal our souls because it is reminding us of the moment that we turned away from our own spirits. Therefore, the pain is a healing.

I once got rid of a chronic disease in 2 hours by going into the pain instead of taking medication or looking from other ways of alleviating the pain. When the pain hit its highest, a fever arose in me, taking me into a lucid state. I went into a lifetime where I was so frantic and so without trust and so full of fear that I ran right into someone’s sword. That sword impaled me right through the top of my stomach, the exact spot where the irritable bowel syndrome had been plaguing me for years. My spirit told me to tame that dark side of me that wanted to run in fear and I immediately relaxed in the promise that I would run with my spirit instead. The pain left in that instance and the irritable bowel syndrome left forever.

Ask yourself what your life and your pain is trying to show you and you’ll find the soul of your soul-healing. In a soul-healing session we identify patterns that have kept your from your own spirit so that your spirit can enter and return you to balance and health. It is only spirit that heals and we hope to assist you in retrieving these parts of yourself that you once turned your eyes away from do to fear or trauma, whether in this life or another.

It is my belief that all pain and illness is a dark-spirit attachment created at the time we call “The Fall” This was the time we turned away from Spirit and this was the time we forgot to call upon our own spirits to set us free. For myself, I had to recall many lifetimes of pain that I either created in others or they handed to me before I could recall my original fall. In that moment, I had let the fear be the conductor of my life and it is finally this lifetime, through fear being handed to me over and over, that I came here to choose only the Light to steer me into taking life lightly and showing others how to do the same.

  • Sara-Faith