Michelle Faith

Sara Michelle Faith Sedona Psychic reiki sessions

Lifelong Medium

Psychic Healer 25 Years

Usui & Karuna Reiki Master

Author:  Elephants Never Lie


I wish to bring to you the power of soul-healing.   I wish to bring to you the awesomeness of transmuting your inner being to empower and heal your outer being. Soul-healing is eternal. Once our souls are healed by bringing our original essence into our bodies, we no longer experience the conflicts and confusion that people so desperately try to fix on the outside. Fixing something on the outside allows the inner problem to re-manifest as another outside conflict. Fixing the outside is temporary; transmuting the inside is permanent. 


Be guided into a deep state of relaxation, or often a trance state where you connect to your soul, to your original essence, to your soul-love and soul-purpose.  Journey through what is knowingly or unknowingly obstructing your life.  We will release and transmute it with Light so you may be fully integrated.  Experience soul retrieval as Michelle channels energies from your Higher Self or from a Master of Light to see your Self and your purpose with a new clarity.


I was given the gift of healing through my voice and of activating Higher Universal Frequencies to assist anyone who desires soul healing and awakening. I discovered this in my early twenties while guiding people into their depths during meditations and Reiki sessions when clients consistently had experiences with their Guardians that greatly touched their souls and shifted their lives for the better. Some had permanent relinquishment of pain, many had emotional healing, one released drug-use, many met their guides and/or angels creating an upward shift in consciousness and much more. Masters of Light sometimes appeared and taught me unique ways of guiding each individual to open them to God's healing. The Masters began appearing to me in almost a physical manner. Jesus taught me humility and Lao Tsu taught me to use the fire breath and how to ground our intentions in the tan tien for greater vitality. What they taught me was always unique and worked wonders beyond what I had learned in healing classes. Therefore, I still use these unique techniques today. I focus on what the Masters of Light uniquely bring to each session. And still, it was my own soul healing and my later near-death-experience that gave me the depth of understanding on what it takes to heal the soul. I will tell you a bit about that below.


Soul-healing is the root of all healing. The soul is the part of our Spirit that is connected to all of humanity, to our past, present, future, to life, our circumstances and to others who cross our paths, not to mention our soul groups. Our souls pick up much along our journeys, and some of that can become a heavy burden. Those burdens are left as energetic imprints around our being and they unknowingly control us. Left unaddressed, they become what people call 'demons'. These are the only demons in existence, yet they have power if we let them. I saw them in my near-death-experience and I dissolved mine by looking at them with my Light. I saw them around most of humanity; and most of humanity has no idea that they are there. I am here to show you how to shine your Light and dissolve this burden which is unknowingly controlling your feelings and life and to assist you back into Brilliance.


Soul retrieval and healing is a topic very intimate to me because I experienced it deeply. I grew up with many memories of pain within my soul, with what you may call past-life memories. Those memories were in my feelings and fears and they created circumstances of the same vibration, of pain and fear. For instance I had an extreme fear of heights, a need to run away from people, especially if they were white (I was white) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My worst case of the syndrome felt like a machete was being pushed through my stomach for 2 hours. Sweating without being able to move, the pain went to its heights and I went into a life being stabbed in the stomach and another as Lakota medicine person falling off a cliff from being shot by a European. Within those few seconds of re-experiencing those lifetimes the entire stomach pain went away to never return. NEVER. I had a distrust in my soul, a distrust of being safe on earth and a distrust of many others. That is a darkness over the heart, it is an attachment that controls without dissolution from the Light.


Once I realized how to transmute these unseen energies within my soul my healing accelerated. I learned to recall my soul essence by accepting every part of myself, which brings the Light into our lives. This is the recalling of our soul essence.  My pain, as it is with many others, was caused by not loving myself enough, as revealed in my 1999 near-death-experience. I saw this same pain around much of humanity as the above-mentioned attachments that unknowingly affect people's lives .    Emotional, physical or mental trauma in this life or another often cause a person to disconnect from an aspect of their being and put this shadow-self in-between. Soul-retrieval is retrieving God's Light, our original essence or Spirit into our bodies, minds and souls. The healing effects are permanent.



Soul-healing is accepting all aspects of ourselves with love.  Soul-healing is commanding our Lights forth in all aspects of life.