We are a group of intuitive, energy-body healers in Sedona, Arizona who believe that the heart of all concerns is the soul’s desire simply wanting to be expressed, to be born into life instead of squelched from existence.  Doubts, beliefs and needs that life and society place on us often hide the expression of the soul.  Once the soul starts living and expressing, doors open and what was once a problem becomes an opportunity. We hope to assist you in the shift to living your authentic self during your stay in Sedona.

Michelle specializes in channeled soul-healing, Concetta in mediumship and psychic readings and Nikki in massage and natural methods for a healthy lifestyle. All healing and massage work has an 18 years minimum age requirement. To schedule a service with one of us, click the link in the menu above to the service you desire.

If you wish to schedule a group session, please contact us at Love@sedonasoulhealers.com

We greatly look forward to serving you!

Michelle Faith



Author, Inspirational Speaker

30 years intuitive-healer-speaker

25 years Usui & Karuna Reiki

Channel of Masters of Light


Founder of CreatingForward.com

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25 years intuitive counseling

A Sedona top psychic consultant

Nutritional guidance

Detoxifying footbaths

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Certified Massage Therapist

Reiki Master

Owner of Healing Me

Educator on natural products

 Owner of private Airbnb
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